Central Location

Our hostel is inside Kota Tua (Jakarta Colonial Heart) and only 300 meter from BRT Station (Busway) and Commuter Rail

Full Facilities

Super fast wifi, spacious locker, pool table, ping pong table, kitchen, computer station, and free breakfast

Lots of Activities

Free walking tour, activity with communities, BBQ Night, Pub Crawls, and Escape from the City.

Halo Wonderloft!

Your Slice of Jakarta

Welcome to The Big Durian. Start your wonderful journey in Indonesia from our hostel. Meet new friends, have a blast together, explore the chaotic big durian with fellow backpackers and staffs. Wonderloft offers more than just bed and breakfast, but also community, exploration and fun activities together. Stay with us! we promise to make your journey a wonderful experience to remember.

Sampai Ketemu! (see you!)

Karen & Ivana

The Queen Bees


Our Rooms

Mixed dorms Book Now

Stylish 8-bed dorms!

  • Our 8-bed dorm has pod beds with dividing panels, equipped with a bed light and spacious locker for comfort and privacy
  • Our 8-bed pod dorm room could also be reserved for groups and parties, so everybody can stay together
  • Every room has it own unique design!

From $8 per bed per night

Girls-only dorms Book Now

Girls-only (no guys – sorry!)

  • All girls dorms have the same clean and cosy decor and facilities and unique design!
  • A good value option for girls on a budget, helping you save money and giving you the opportunity to meet fellow travellers, without being surrounded by snoring boys
  • Our 8-bed dorm has pod beds with dividing panels, equipped with a bed light and small locker for comfort and privacy

From $8 per bed per night

Bunkbed Dorms Book Now

Bunkbeds , not capsule

  • 4-bed dorm has a more opened space than 8-beds, each bed has curtain to make it more private but can be opened as well if you are together in your group. Equipped with a bed light and locker for comfort and privacy
  • 4-bed dorm room are mostly used for small group of friends, so everybody can stay together

From $9 per bed per night

Deluxe Twin Room Shared Bathroom Book Now

City View for Two!

Great choice for couples or friends! Nice artistic bedroom with well-preserved arc structure and a beautiful hand-drawn pictures of coffee plant. You got all the space for yourself, a nice lounge to sit down and have some tea or beers with Bank Indonesia museum right in front of your nose 🙂

From $18 per room per night

Deluxe Twin Room Ensuite Bathroom Book Now

Private bathroom is a must!

All you need is private bathroom. Yes, we got it for you! The room itself can be double or twin, that's your choice:)

From $19 per bed per night

Small Twin Room Shared Bathroom Book Now

Low budget privates

Short on budget for a long trip? But still need your own private space. This room is just the perfect economical way to save up your money! No more someone else's snores or chit chat on the phone. Here you can have your quiet time for only you and partner!

From $15 per room per night

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